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    Journaling Therapy Art Therapy

    “Dear Diary…” 

    Journaling can also be a powerful form of therapy, as journaling exercises can bring about self-awareness and improve mental health.

    Journal therapy is a stand-alone therapy modality similar to art and music therapy.  Perhaps the biggest difference between journal therapy and simply keeping a journal is the way an individual’s internal thoughts, feelings and experiences are captured. 

    Journal therapy allows a person to not only write down their issues and concerns but also be reflective and introspective about them. In this way, journal therapy can be a real agent for change.

    Who Can Benefit from Journal Therapy?

    Journal therapy can be very beneficial for those individuals who typically have difficulty processing their thoughts and emotions. Journal therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, including anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Grief and Loss, Substance abuse, Eating disorders, Low self-esteem etc.

    Getting Started

    While anyone can try journaling on their own, to truly benefit from the process, it’s best to work with a therapist who can guide you and offer prompts that can help you get your thoughts and feelings on the page.

    If you are struggling with mental health issues, have a hard time talking about them, and would like to explore journaling therapy, please reach out to me.